Welcome to Flickering Moments Candle & Gift Designs

Establishing Flickering Moments 2 years ago, started an incredible journey.

I had my daughters christening planned and was looking for the perfect candle. I scrolled through pages and pages of candles on the internet, yet I was unable to find the perfect one; that’s when it hit me – why not design one myself? So that’s exactly what I did.

It took me a while to find the right pillar candle, the right colour scheme, and the right materials to ensure it didn’t fall apart half way through the ceremony, after several attempts, the perfect candle was created.

On the day of her christening, people didn’t stop commenting on her candle, including the priest, thus sparking the idea to start a small business designing beautiful candles for all occasions. I have always been a very creative person and have longed for a creative outlet, hence, Flickering Moments is born!

My creative venture brings me such joy, designing beautiful candles for people’s special days. I take the utmost care, and put so much love and effort into each and every design. What I find makes me different to all the rest is my desire to not only sell you a candle, I want to sell you the perfect candle, and because of this, the majority of my orders are custom designs.

I use only the best candles, wraps, embellishments and seals. All my candle designs are individually handmade and I guarantee long lasting quality in all my products, therefore you will always have a beautiful candle to remember and treasure your special occasion.

I look forward to designing beautiful candles for years to come.